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A wide selection of collectible specific year gold sovereign coins ideal for coin collectors and as gifts to mark any significant occasion.

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George V 1911 - 1932

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George VI 1937

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The Gold Sovereign Coin, has a profound history and is undeniably Britain's most famous coin. Even today, it remains a popular store of wealth as well as a testimony to the duration of the British Empire. 

First minted in 1489, the coins went back into production from 1817, during the Great Recoinage of 1816, when Great Britain decided gold would be the "sole Standard Measure of Value" across the expanding British Empire and by Royal Proclamation, was confirmed as legal tender currency.

To fulfil the wide circulation across the Empire, it was produced by various overseas branches of the Royal Mint built in India, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

The First World War, brought an end to the Sovereigns' circulation when the Government appealed to its citizens to give up their Sovereigns to finance the war efforts and was subsequently replaced by notes. Since then, the Sovereign became a bullion coin, popular with gold investors.

Despite losing its place as a common currency, the coins respect wasn't lost and has long been highly admired by collectors and Gold bullion investors

Its global recognition and popularity by all collectors and bullion investors are a testimony to its standing.

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